Our classes are open.

We now have beginner’s classes at 10am Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in the Whitnash Civic Centre,, Thursday in the Heathcote Community Centre and Friday mornings in the St Chad’s Centre, Bishops Tachbrook. Plus Monday evening at 7.10pm in the Whitnash Centre, Tuesday at 7.30pm in Kenilworth School, Wednesday at 7pm in Kenilworth School, and Thursday at 7pm in Kenilworth School. 


Whilst tai chi is relatively easy, we all have to start at the beginning. Our beginner’s class is designed with the absolute novice in mind.

It is gentle exercise and adapts to whatever level of fitness you currently have. Although it is ‘only gentle exercise’, it it will work your body and you will be amazed how quickly you notice a difference in your balance and flexibility.

Each class begins with Dharma Qigong, which dates back some 3000 years and comprises of gently tapping body parts to “wake up the body”.

We then do a gentle whole body warm up to loosen and invigorate your body.

This is followed by the Yang style 8 Movements and a selection of Qigong exercises (pronounced Chi Gong) and can be thought of as breathing exercises.  

We will teach you had to breathe properly, relax, gently stretch your body, improve your balance and deal with the stress that life has dropped on you.

The class lasts for one hour. You’ll find the time flies and you will go home feeling more at peace with the world.

Once you have learnt the 8 Movements and can perform them to the require standard, Peter will present you with an 8 Movements certificate.

Peter Teaching in Warwick


Once you have received your certificate for the 8 Movements you are entitled to learn the most popular tai chi movement world wide – the Yang Style 24 Movements, The class includes a Warm Up, the 8 Movements, the 24 Movements and various Qigong Movements. We have Intermediate classes Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.


The advanced class requires certification in both the 8 Movements and the 24 Movements prior to commencement.

The class centres on the Yang Style 48 Movements and the 42 Movements, also know as combination tai chi as it contains tai chi moves from each of the 5 recognised styles.

Yang Style Tai Chi Sword using Conan the Barbarian's actual sword


The class focuses on the Yang style tai chi sword, which consists of 56 Movements and the Chen Form sword, which has 18 Movements. There is a requirement that all sword students have received their 8 Movement certification prior to commencement.


Instructors are selected on their ability, not only to perform the various movements but also on their willingness to help and mentor students.  Classes are designed not only to improve their proficiency in tai chi but also their coaching ability and leads to Instructor Certification.

Anette teaching

Corporate classes

Classes are available for corporate clients to help employees deal with the stresses of daily lives.  Clients include the NHS and MIND.

Online zoom classes

Teaching online is not ideal, as it is difficult to give feed back and correct students.  However, it does put everyone in the front row, so you can see the Instructor clearly.  Additionally it means students that need to be shielding from the virus, can still practice and interact.




What other students have asked

Comfortable clothing that allows you to move. Note: I do not recommend skinny jeans.

Footwear depends on where the class is being held.  For Indoor classes – Yoga socks work well or a ‘light trainer’. Thick soled shoes and ‘heals’ should be avoided.🙏

The first class is free, so you can see if you like tai chi and your Instructor. Subsequent class cost depends on the venue and time of the class.

It is always better to have a physical class, where the instructor can give you feed back and help you with the movements.  However with online classes you are in the middle of the front row, so you can see what is going on and hear the relative instructions.  Many students prefer online classes over ‘physical classes’ for this reason.

Yes, One on One coaching is available with Peter.