British Tai Chi

Ancient Moves For The Modern World 

Change of Venue & Time.

Our Evening classes have now moved.

Monday Evening’s class now starts at 7pm in St Joseph’s Church, 47 Murcott Road East, Whitnash, CV31 2JJ

Wednesday Evening’s class now starts at 7pm in St John’s Primary School, Mortimer Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1FS

All our classes combine Tai Chi and Qigong, providing all physical and mental health benefits, to our students.  The indoor classes are live streamed, and puts an online student in the middle of the front row. So it is easy to see exactly what the Instructor is doing.

Why Tai Chi is right for you.

This gentle discipline is all about being one with your body and learning how to flow, with strength and consistency, in each movement. We offer comprehensive coaching in every aspect of the discipline, with a focus on safety and community.

Our classes combine tai chi with qigong to ensure students receive the ultimate health benefits and are designed to help you learn one step at a time. We offer hands-on instruction and a supportive environment, where you can focus on moving in a slow, gentle, and relaxed process.

We are working hard using these gentle exercise, to transform your body, mind, and soul.

Classes for everyone

Call to Action

Our Tai Chi classes include Qigong and are suitable for everyone.  

We want you to be happy with your choice, so whether online or 

“a real life class” 

your first session is FREE

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