Certified Instructors

Within the UK, Tai Chi is unregulated, literally anyone can set up a tai chi class and teach tai chi / qigong.  However we at the British Tai Chi Academy feel this is wrong and for that reason all our instructors a ‘Certified to Teach’ by the British Tai Chi Association, to ensure a professional standard can be found with all our Instructors.


Tai Chi Master Peter Fletcher

Peter studied Tai Chi in the USA, with the Chinese Tai Chi Institute USA under the tutorage of Grand Master Judy Fu.  His first class as an Instructor was in Bartlesville Oklahoma, where he quickly established himself as an exceptional instructor.  He returned to the UK in 2015 as a Black Belt 4th Dan and commenced teaching in Leamington.  

He returned to the USA in 2016, where he attended a Black belt grading and was certified as a Black Belt 5th Dan or Tai Chi Master.